Organic Food

Should you buy organic, or should you not? Very common question that we get among clients, and the number one thing that I would say is YES, absolutely if you can.  So, what I mean by that is I think it’s absolutely necessary that you should really really try and buy your meats and things like that organic and grass-finished and all that stuff if you can, at all times. Why do I suggest that? Well you have to understand that whatever the animal is eating, it’s taking in. So you store toxins in your fat cells-animals do the same thing. Why is this important? You have grains and things that you have companies like Monsanto and these things spraying what’s called “glyphosate” and pesticides all over these grains. And these animals are eating these grains. So they’re eating these grains, these toxins are being pulled into their body they’re being stored in their fat, then they’re getting slaughtered. And then we’re buying this stuff from the grocery store. So the problem is that we’re taking that in. And that’s a real issue because then our toxic burden just gets higher and higher, and if we don’t have these minerals, if we’re not exercising, if we’re living a sedentary lifestyle, then that’s going to be a real problem.  But in terms of vegetables, I’m not as hard on vegetables. Like I said, if you can buy organic then buy organic.  But for vegetables you want to look at what’s called the “dirty dozen” which is some of the top 12 fruits and veggies that you want to probably buy organic because they have the most pesticides on them.  But other than that, just as long as you’re eating a good amount of fruits and veggies on a daily basis, really try to just eat a good amount and a good variety.  For meats, really try to go organic and all that good stuff if you can for the reasons I just told you, and that’s my personal opinion.  If you have anymore questions reach out, and I’ll talk to you in the next video. 

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