Why should you include carbohydrates in your diet instead of just cutting them all out? Today, I’ll answer that question and more.


Carbs have gotten the worst rap in the fitness industry, probably more than any other macronutrients.


The fitness industry has gone through many phases. Before, it was “low fat, low fat, low fat,” because fat was the bad guy. Similarly, carbs are treated as the evil macronutrient because people think that you need to cut your carb intake to drop weight.


You have to understand that carbohydrates are one of your body's main sources of fuel and your brain’s preferable source of fuel. Honestly, it’s not a good idea to completely cut them out of your diet.


With that said, it’s important to lower your carb intake for a short period of time if you’re starting a weight-loss journey—maybe one to two weeks of lower-carb dieting. What this will do is resensitize your body to actually being able to use carbohydrates more efficiently.


If you’re an athlete who’s training constantly, you’re going to need plenty of carbohydrates. If you don’t have enough carbohydrates in your system, your performance will drop. They’re very important for priming the metabolism, keeping your thyroid hormones at an optimal level, as well as providing a number of other benefits for the body.


Whether you’re just looking to lose some weight or you’re training for athletic purposes, I strongly recommend not cutting carbs from your diet. Doing so can damage the hormone levels in your body along with causing other negative effects. Your goals won’t succeed, and it’s not a sustainable diet. It’s important to maintain a balance.


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