Shane Whittle

Shane Whittle

Shane Whittle is an ISSA Certified Elite Level Personal Trainer, Online Fitness Coach and Nutrition Specialist. He is an Open-Heart Surgery survivor and understands firsthand how to overcome the obstacles life throws at you. As a competitive bodybuilder, strongman athlete and all-around student of everything strength and fitness related, Shane offers a unique approach to training, nutrition and supplementation. Having over 10 years of fitness experience, Shane’s passion for health and fitness drives him to always be ahead of the curve on the latest methods and training philosophies. He has traveled around the world, seeking out the best in the industry to learn from. He believes that with the proper execution, intent and effort, anyone of any fitness level can reach their goals!

Shane’s specialties include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Customized In-Person and Group Training
  • Weight Loss Specialist
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Body Transformation Coaching
  • Strength and Hypertrophy Expert
  • Youth Fitness and Team Sports
Shane’s experience includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • ISSA Certified Elite Trainer
  • NESTA Certified Strength Coach
  • Metabolic Effect University
  • MI40 Hypertrophy Execution Mastery

A Word from Shane:

I sincerely look forward to helping you reach your health and fitness goals! If you are looking to train with me in person I am confident that I can help you achieve your goals. From my own journey as a pediatric Open-Heart Surgery survivor to my competitive journey in bodybuilding and strongman, I believe that I have a unique perspective unlike anyone else! My love for fitness, strength and helping others has pushed me to be as well rounded as possible - I have spent countless years in the gym as well as the classroom educating myself to provide you with the most value and optimize your fitness journey. Hope to work with you soon!

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